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Unfailing Love

A whisper in the trees,

A bird’s song on the breeze.

The red rose blooming true,

The pristine morning’s dew.

All these things they sing to me

Of God’s unfailing love.

For His Son has set me free

With His redeeming blood.




Is That Your Voice, Lord?

I’ve always been told that it’s hard to understand
When God needs you, and when he doesn’t.
I wonder where He is in this land,
And if He cares where I am.

I grew up with a priest who wasn’t really my father,
But in a way I had three.
I had the man who bore me, for he was my father,
I had the priest who raised me, for he was like a father,
And I had my Lord God, for he was and is my heavenly Father.

For most of my young life,
I never expected to know
Whether God would see me through my strife
Or leave me to be alone.

Yet one night the priest called me to his room,
So there I went, not once, but thrice!
And each time he turned me away,
Saying he had no need for me to satisfy.

But finally he realized,
I had really heard a voice.
He told me it was the Lord Jesus Christ,
The one I love the most.

So I went back to bed,
And when I heard Him speak,
I said I was there,
And listened with a thirsting need.

He told me of the marvelous plans he had for me,
But also of death and danger to come.
He said not to worry for the priest,
For He would take him home.

But as for his sons,
Their deaths would be tragic.
With none
To witness their struggle.

And when the next morning came,
To the priest I explained,
All the wonder and troubles
That were to come.

Everything’s all right now,
And God’s still with me.
My name is Samuel,
From Israel.





Deep Down

I thought I was too far,

Too deep down.

I thought it wasn’t possible,

For me to be found.

I felt left behind,

And trampled under-foot.

I wondered why I’d never done

The things I should.

But then someone noticed me,

Squandering far off the path.

It was an old friend,

One who’d stuck with me to the end.

Reaching out his hand,

He told me what he’d learned.

Of a man named Jesus Christ,

The Son of God.

This man, my friend said,

Had the power to cleanse me,

If I was willing to take it.

I looked at my dirty hands,

And looked back into the pit,

In which I’d fallen,

And knew it was time to go back to the light.

Since I’ve accepted Jesus’ love,

I’ve been filled with life.

I haven’t wandered off the road,

Not once nor twice.

I’m no longer friendless,

No longer alone,

I have a friend for eternity.

Surrounded By Love

Surrounded by love,

I knew not of my comfort.

I threw love away,

And ignored those around me.

My view of life could not be swayed,

Life was bleak without the day.

Then suddenly all that love,

Was all swept away.

No place to call home,

No penny to call my own.

And during that time I learned,

What love truly was.

I was taught by the One,

Who knew it all,

My lovely Jesus Christ.

So now my family’s the church

Around me,

And I’m happy at last.

Once again surround by love,

But my ignorance has passed.



In The Waters

Through the waters,

I had a thought.

“What if I happened to fall out here?”

Much nervousness, it brought.

I tread through waves,

That rose so high,

I could barely see the sky.

But then it happened,

I slipped and fell,

And the waves all covered my head.

I tried to cry out,

But the waves pulled me under,

I felt like a huge piece of lead.

But suddenly I felt a hand,

Tugging on my arm.

It pulled me out into sweet, fresh air.

Suddenly, I was free.

I looked around,

And saw the sky so blue,

And by my side,

Was a man I knew.

“My child,” He said, with tears in his eyes,

“Why did you ever lose faith?”

I sobbed, but through my tears,

He smiled with sympathy, and said,

“Child, it’s alright; your sins have been forgiven,”

I smiled back at him and took his hand,

And he led me across the waters.



The queen of fall…

The leaves were green,

But then they turned,

To colors of orange and red.

They look like a queen,

Adorned on her throne,

Surrounded by awe-struck men.

But again, something happens,

And the leaves begin to fall,

Leaving the tree,

The barest of them all.

Where has the queen gone,

That once ruled the land?

But in spring she’ll come back,

With her scepter in hand.



All the way

God’s with me all the way,

Through the night

And through the day.

When I’m not sure

What lies ahead,

He takes my hand

And leads me there.

He’ll take me there

And lead me,

He’ll lead me all the way.



When I need Him

He’s always there.

When I need Him

He hears my prayer.

When I’m left behind,

He’s there for me.

When I’m left behind,

He guides me.

When I feel alone,

He’s there and I am home.

When I need him,

He’s there for me.




Love has been around,

Since the beginning of time.

Love can be found

In a soft, sweet rhyme.

I feel love strongly,

When I look at you;

You stir my heart and blind me,

When I look at you.

Thanks for reading,