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Unfailing Love

A whisper in the trees,

A bird’s song on the breeze.

The red rose blooming true,

The pristine morning’s dew.

All these things they sing to me

Of God’s unfailing love.

For His Son has set me free

With His redeeming blood.




Deep Down

I thought I was too far,

Too deep down.

I thought it wasn’t possible,

For me to be found.

I felt left behind,

And trampled under-foot.

I wondered why I’d never done

The things I should.

But then someone noticed me,

Squandering far off the path.

It was an old friend,

One who’d stuck with me to the end.

Reaching out his hand,

He told me what he’d learned.

Of a man named Jesus Christ,

The Son of God.

This man, my friend said,

Had the power to cleanse me,

If I was willing to take it.

I looked at my dirty hands,

And looked back into the pit,

In which I’d fallen,

And knew it was time to go back to the light.

Since I’ve accepted Jesus’ love,

I’ve been filled with life.

I haven’t wandered off the road,

Not once nor twice.

I’m no longer friendless,

No longer alone,

I have a friend for eternity.


First, before you do anything else, I want you to think of something. Think of a potato. Now, a lot of people like baked potatoes, right? Creamy, soft inside, maybe with bacon and cheese and sour cream on top. Mmmm….but what happens when the potato is only half-baked? The inside is rather hard, and it’s not hot—though it’s not cold either. It’s not good at all.

That can be kind of like us. Sometimes, when we’re saved, we’re only half-baked. We go to church and worship God, but at school or anywhere else, we follow the crowd. Being half-baked isn’t good at all, not one bit.

When we’re saved, God wants us to follow and love him with all our heart, always placing him first; not just on Sunday. Half-baked Christians aren’t the same. You may see a girl recite ten chapters of Psalms at church, and the next day at school she’s meanly teasing and pushing around one of your friends. It’s doesn’t seem to count, does it?

Don’t be half-baked; God and the others around can tell.



While it is absolutely true that you cannot earn your way into heaven by your good works, that does not mean you shouldn’t help others once you are saved. In fact, once you are saved, you have even more reason to help others, especially to help them draw close—or closer—to God.

If you have read the Bible—or even if you haven’t—you probably know the story of the Good Samaritan. This strengthens my point. If you went from thinking you could earn your way into heaven to becoming a Christian, it doesn’t mean you should stop helping others. If no one helped anyone, there pretty much would be no Christians in the world, because no one is spreading the Word.

Most of you probably know all of this already, but it’s a point that needs to be made. We’re here to spread the Good News, and help those that are struggling on the side of the road.


Trivia #4:

What fruit is depicted in Leonardo’s Last Supper, even though it did not arrive in the Holy Land until long after Jesus’ death?

I have to admit, this one’s pretty hard, but it’s a fruit; shouldn’t be too hard!



Now, everyone’s heard of your conscience. It’s basically known as something that tells you right from wrong. For a Christian, however, we know that this “conscience” is actually the Holy Spirit, telling us when we’re about to do the wrong or right thing.

I admit, not only is it sometimes—though rarely—hard to tell if you’re doing the right thing, it’s harder to actually do what you know is right. No one’s perfect. You don’t become a Christian because you’re perfect, and when—or if—you become one, you don’t become perfect. You will always make mistakes, since no one is without sin, but with God, he can help us make fewer mistakes. He can also forgive our sins.

If you think about it, perhaps I should have called this article “Doing What’s Right”, since that is sometimes the hardest thing to do. It’s easy—but not nice—to recall the many times that I knew what the right thing to do was, but didn’t do it. Or, rather, I knew what the wrong thing to do was but did it anyway. As a Christian, it hurts to look back at these times, and you wonder why you did. However, God forgives us, and loves us always, no matter what.

We sin all the time; it’s nice to know that God is there to wash them away.



We—as teens—pretty much have to face it. As Christians, what we believe and do is going to go against the crowd. If you already are a Christian, you have probably noticed this at school, at parties; almost anywhere you find a crowd. After you became a Christian, you probably noticed things that didn’t mean anything before, but they sure meant something now.

For a lot of teens, going against the crowd is pretty hard. Some of you just want to fit in, and some want to be a leader. You can’t be either of these if you’re not going with the crowd. Of course, you could ignore what people do and say and still be a Christian, but as a true follower of God, things are bound to bother you.

Going against the crowd is one of the trials some people will have to face. For a few, it won’t be a problem; they never followed the crowd anyway. It could get harder, though. A friend might suddenly seem like someone you don’t want to hang out with. These things can hurt; it’s one of those times you need strength. As you walk through crowded halls and hear people saying things you’d rather not hear, God is there to help you walk past.

So when you think you’ve had enough and you can’t go on anymore, remember that God is always there. When you know you can’t follow the crowd anymore, he’s there to cheer you on. Don’t give up; God’s there for you.


When I need Him…

When I need Him

He’s always there.

When I need Him

He hears my prayer.

When I’m left behind,

He’s there for me.

When I’m left behind,

He guides me.

When I feel alone,

He’s there and I am home.

When I need him,

He’s there for me.




In the paragraphs below, I want to talk about having faith in God. However, faith is sometimes a misunderstood word. Most people would think it’s always a religious term. Although it is, it’s not in all cases. Imagine this: you ask a friend to take care of your house while you’re on vacation. You are having faith in your friend. You believe and trust that the friend will take care of your house. This is only one of the many examples that show that we have faith every day.

I say all this because I don’t want you to think that faith is something only religious people can have, and that you can’t, because that is completely false.

Many people will have a hard time placing their faith in something they cannot see. That is completely understandable. There are many “road blocks” that keep people from putting their faith in God. It could be false beliefs, such as evolution, or it could be other people, who are dissuading you from following the right path. Whatever it is, these “road blocks” are always there, but God will help you past them. He only asks that you have faith in him.

There are times when you may think that having faith in something is believing in something that cannot be scientifically proven. In some cases, yes, this is true. There are some beliefs that people have absolute faith in although there is not one smidgen of scientific evidence that these beliefs are true. People cannot deny, however, that the Bible was written thousands—not millions—of years ago, and that many of the things it prophesied came true. It is not a fairytale; it is a historical record.

Having faith in God—the true God—is a big step, but it was a step many people were willing to take. It’s a step to accept the free gift God is giving us.