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Unfailing Love

A whisper in the trees,

A bird’s song on the breeze.

The red rose blooming true,

The pristine morning’s dew.

All these things they sing to me

Of God’s unfailing love.

For His Son has set me free

With His redeeming blood.




Is That Your Voice, Lord?

I’ve always been told that it’s hard to understand
When God needs you, and when he doesn’t.
I wonder where He is in this land,
And if He cares where I am.

I grew up with a priest who wasn’t really my father,
But in a way I had three.
I had the man who bore me, for he was my father,
I had the priest who raised me, for he was like a father,
And I had my Lord God, for he was and is my heavenly Father.

For most of my young life,
I never expected to know
Whether God would see me through my strife
Or leave me to be alone.

Yet one night the priest called me to his room,
So there I went, not once, but thrice!
And each time he turned me away,
Saying he had no need for me to satisfy.

But finally he realized,
I had really heard a voice.
He told me it was the Lord Jesus Christ,
The one I love the most.

So I went back to bed,
And when I heard Him speak,
I said I was there,
And listened with a thirsting need.

He told me of the marvelous plans he had for me,
But also of death and danger to come.
He said not to worry for the priest,
For He would take him home.

But as for his sons,
Their deaths would be tragic.
With none
To witness their struggle.

And when the next morning came,
To the priest I explained,
All the wonder and troubles
That were to come.

Everything’s all right now,
And God’s still with me.
My name is Samuel,
From Israel.





Follow the Lord

Sometimes it’s hard to follow the Lord in everything we do. Some days we feel like the perfect role model for a good Christian, and others…well, can be hard to do the right thing. We might be tricked into thinking “it’s okay. I’m a good Christian on Sunday and Wednesday. Oh, and Friday too! It’s okay if I’m not so great those other days, right?” But the answer is “wrong”, even though we don’t want to hear that. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort. Remember, every good thing we do earns us reward in heaven! But it shouldn’t just be about a reward. Imagine God looking down on you, smiling at your efforts to stay on the straight path, and giving you a pat on the back. Now imagine Him looking down at you with tears in His eyes, sighing, and looking away from your sin. Which would you rather have? His approval, or His disappointment? I think I can guess.




Fear; something we shouldn’t have as Christians, but as humans—and teens—we do. Fear can come in many forms: terrified fear, the kind when you’re a kid and you can’t come out from under the covers because of the supposed monsters under the bed. Then there’s excited fear, the kind we teens might feel when we’re at the top of a steep drop on a roller coaster. And last—but definitely not least—there’s unneeded fear. The fear anyone might feel when they know that there’s someone there for them, but they also feel vulnerable, small, and scared.

This, for Christians, is definitely unneeded.

It’s hard not to be afraid once you’ve gotten into the habit of being afraid. I know it sounds weird—having a habit of being afraid—but it happens. If you’re a newly saved Christian, you might have a hard time transitioning to not being afraid. There are many things out there to be afraid of—which probably don’t include the “monsters” under the bed—but you should know that God isn’t going to let anything happen to you.

Imagine the perfect father; some of you might be thinking of a dad who lets you do anything you want, or buys you anything you want, and etcetera. But do you know what would be really cool? A dad who is always there for you if you need him; a dad who always makes sure he knows what you’re doing, where you are, and if you’re okay. If this is starting to sound like a dad who hovers around you and never leaves you alone, forget about that image. That’s not what I mean. Let’s put it this way. What if you had a dad who would give his life for you, that means he loves almost more than you could imagine. But what if he didn’t know where you were the time you needed him the most? Even if he was willing to die for you, what could he do if he wasn’t there, or didn’t know what’s going on? Well, with God, he’s like this father, only he always knows where you are and he always knows when you need him. He’s our heavenly Father, and if we’re his child, we don’t have to be afraid.




While it is absolutely true that you cannot earn your way into heaven by your good works, that does not mean you shouldn’t help others once you are saved. In fact, once you are saved, you have even more reason to help others, especially to help them draw close—or closer—to God.

If you have read the Bible—or even if you haven’t—you probably know the story of the Good Samaritan. This strengthens my point. If you went from thinking you could earn your way into heaven to becoming a Christian, it doesn’t mean you should stop helping others. If no one helped anyone, there pretty much would be no Christians in the world, because no one is spreading the Word.

Most of you probably know all of this already, but it’s a point that needs to be made. We’re here to spread the Good News, and help those that are struggling on the side of the road.



Now, everyone’s heard of your conscience. It’s basically known as something that tells you right from wrong. For a Christian, however, we know that this “conscience” is actually the Holy Spirit, telling us when we’re about to do the wrong or right thing.

I admit, not only is it sometimes—though rarely—hard to tell if you’re doing the right thing, it’s harder to actually do what you know is right. No one’s perfect. You don’t become a Christian because you’re perfect, and when—or if—you become one, you don’t become perfect. You will always make mistakes, since no one is without sin, but with God, he can help us make fewer mistakes. He can also forgive our sins.

If you think about it, perhaps I should have called this article “Doing What’s Right”, since that is sometimes the hardest thing to do. It’s easy—but not nice—to recall the many times that I knew what the right thing to do was, but didn’t do it. Or, rather, I knew what the wrong thing to do was but did it anyway. As a Christian, it hurts to look back at these times, and you wonder why you did. However, God forgives us, and loves us always, no matter what.

We sin all the time; it’s nice to know that God is there to wash them away.


Verse #3:

Mark 12:30

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

Something most Christians have heard before; it radiates truth, doesn’t it?

We—as teens—pretty much have to face it. As Christians, what we believe and do is going to go against the crowd. If you already are a Christian, you have probably noticed this at school, at parties; almost anywhere you find a crowd. After you became a Christian, you probably noticed things that didn’t mean anything before, but they sure meant something now.

For a lot of teens, going against the crowd is pretty hard. Some of you just want to fit in, and some want to be a leader. You can’t be either of these if you’re not going with the crowd. Of course, you could ignore what people do and say and still be a Christian, but as a true follower of God, things are bound to bother you.

Going against the crowd is one of the trials some people will have to face. For a few, it won’t be a problem; they never followed the crowd anyway. It could get harder, though. A friend might suddenly seem like someone you don’t want to hang out with. These things can hurt; it’s one of those times you need strength. As you walk through crowded halls and hear people saying things you’d rather not hear, God is there to help you walk past.

So when you think you’ve had enough and you can’t go on anymore, remember that God is always there. When you know you can’t follow the crowd anymore, he’s there to cheer you on. Don’t give up; God’s there for you.



Strength: something we’ll need everyday in our lives as Christians. And I’m not talking about physical strength—though we might need that too. I’m talking about spiritual strength. How strong are you in God?

Everyday we will face trials for God. Some will shy away from the very thought of being a Christian because of this. True, there are times when we might need to sacrifice a pleasure or comfort for God, but in return, we’ll have eternal life and a God who always cares about us.

Like I said, many people think that being a Christian makes life very hard. Although it is, God will provide strength. If this is confusing, let me put it this way:

When you become a Christian, God becomes your Father and you are his child. Before you became a Christian, Satan was satisfied that you were his child, and didn’t bother you, at least for the time being. However, when you accepted Christ, he was furious. He would know pester you and bring trials upon you in order to bring you back to his side. Through all of this, though, God, your Father, is there, and he’s protecting you and helping you get past every single trial.

So, although there will be hard times if you are a Christian, it’s not like there wouldn’t be any trials if you weren’t. But as a Christian, you have God on your side; he’ll always be there to help you when you don’t think you can go any farther.

I think that’s worth being strong for.


A lot of people today don’t walk like a Christian. They might in church, but what about other places? People who say they’re a Christian yet do what everyone and anyone else does casts a bad stereotype on other, real Christians. We don’t want that. So when you’re outside of church and hanging with your friends, make a good stereotype.

Walk like a  Christian.