I thought I was too far,

Too deep down.

I thought it wasn’t possible,

For me to be found.

I felt left behind,

And trampled under-foot.

I wondered why I’d never done

The things I should.

But then someone noticed me,

Squandering far off the path.

It was an old friend,

One who’d stuck with me to the end.

Reaching out his hand,

He told me what he’d learned.

Of a man named Jesus Christ,

The Son of God.

This man, my friend said,

Had the power to cleanse me,

If I was willing to take it.

I looked at my dirty hands,

And looked back into the pit,

In which I’d fallen,

And knew it was time to go back to the light.

Since I’ve accepted Jesus’ love,

I’ve been filled with life.

I haven’t wandered off the road,

Not once nor twice.

I’m no longer friendless,

No longer alone,

I have a friend for eternity.