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As a Christian, are you ever frightened when it comes to telling other people about Christ? I used to be….okay, okay, I still am! But tonight, some members of my church and I went to a huge bridge in our area, where people like to walk. We passed out free waters and the Living Water (booklets containing the book of John, and even a few complete Bibles and New Testaments). And you know what? It was a lot of fun! Really! At first I was super nervous, but then it became neat to approach people, and offer them water; the spiritual and physical kinds. I never thought it would be so much fun to spread the Word; a few people even stopped, chatted, and learned more! If you aren’t a Christian, you are probably bored by what I’m talking about, but if you are a Christian, I wanted to share my experience with you. Every experience anyone has like this strengthens them in Christ; trust me, I just had a first-hand experience!

Would love to hear from you! gbu,



Deep Down

I thought I was too far,

Too deep down.

I thought it wasn’t possible,

For me to be found.

I felt left behind,

And trampled under-foot.

I wondered why I’d never done

The things I should.

But then someone noticed me,

Squandering far off the path.

It was an old friend,

One who’d stuck with me to the end.

Reaching out his hand,

He told me what he’d learned.

Of a man named Jesus Christ,

The Son of God.

This man, my friend said,

Had the power to cleanse me,

If I was willing to take it.

I looked at my dirty hands,

And looked back into the pit,

In which I’d fallen,

And knew it was time to go back to the light.

Since I’ve accepted Jesus’ love,

I’ve been filled with life.

I haven’t wandered off the road,

Not once nor twice.

I’m no longer friendless,

No longer alone,

I have a friend for eternity.

I don’t want to admit that I get afraid sometimes, but we all do. There’s no way around it. The question is, what do we do with that fear? There are a lot of things that we do do, but are they the right thing? It might seem funny, thinking of the right thing to do when we’re scared, but it’s a good thing to think about. Do we freak out, feel alone, or try to be brave?

When we freak out, do you know what I think? Now, this is just my opinion, but, this is my blog; everything is my opinion. But I think that when we get really scared, he’s ashamed of us and hurt. Why? Because he’s there for us, and he’s protecting us. What do we think we’re doing, being afraid?! It’s impossible for us to not be afraid, but we don’t need to freak out. When we’re younger, and we’re scared, we hold our parent’s hand. We don’t feel completely safe; we’re still a little afraid. But with Mom or Dad’s hand there, we aren’t as scared as we would be. We need to remember that God’s hand is there for us too. We just need to reach out and grab it. It’s hard sometimes; we might still feel alone. But God is there, and during those hard or scary times, he won’t let the wrong thing happen to us. Ever.

God cares about us, just like a parent. He won’t let us be scared. He wants us to know that he’s by our side, taking care of us all the time. You know God’s omnipotent, right? It means he can do anything; he’s all-powerful. Which means that he can be with us wherever we are, no matter what. God is there; just take his hand.