Pressure. It’s something that we feel everyday, Christians or not. It could be the simple pressure of dare, or the heavier pressure of having to get a spoken message from one person to another—verbatim. These are just some simple examples, but right now, I’m going to talk about the pressure that most Christians feel, or should feel.

The pressure to spread the Word.

That is our purpose; bringing others to Christ. However, you shouldn’t have to feel the pressure to do that this very minute. You might be thinking, “What?! I don’t?! What are you talking about?!” but it’s true. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to spread the word in your teen years; in fact, it’s an incredible thing! What I am saying is that—if you feel uncomfortable talking about God and salvation to other people—you don’t have to do it today. Who knows, maybe, later on, God will decide to send you somewhere as a missionary. Or, it could be as simple as God giving you an opportunity when a friend brings up the subject, and you can talk to him about it. The Ten Commandments don’t say, “Thou shalt spread the Word of God as soon as you can”. You shouldn’t attempt to until you’re ready, although—you never know—when the time comes, God may put words into your mouth.

Perhaps you have a close friend who isn’t a Christian, and it pesters you that you could be sharing the Good News with him/her right now. You might not have to do anything very direct. You could give your friend a Bible as a gift, or you could pray to God, asking Him to send someone to your friend so he/she can be saved. Maybe you could ask God to give you the strength to tell your friend yourself.

I myself was struggling with this when I decided to write these articles. Even before anyone read them—frankly, as I write this, no one but me has read them yet—I felt overjoyed by the prospect of telling others about Christ. What amazed me the most was that as I wrote these little articles, I found myself answering my own questions. I hope I’m doing the same for you.