First, before you do anything else, I want you to think of something. Think of a potato. Now, a lot of people like baked potatoes, right? Creamy, soft inside, maybe with bacon and cheese and sour cream on top. Mmmm….but what happens when the potato is only half-baked? The inside is rather hard, and it’s not hot—though it’s not cold either. It’s not good at all.

That can be kind of like us. Sometimes, when we’re saved, we’re only half-baked. We go to church and worship God, but at school or anywhere else, we follow the crowd. Being half-baked isn’t good at all, not one bit.

When we’re saved, God wants us to follow and love him with all our heart, always placing him first; not just on Sunday. Half-baked Christians aren’t the same. You may see a girl recite ten chapters of Psalms at church, and the next day at school she’s meanly teasing and pushing around one of your friends. It’s doesn’t seem to count, does it?

Don’t be half-baked; God and the others around can tell.