Through the waters,

I had a thought.

“What if I happened to fall out here?”

Much nervousness, it brought.

I tread through waves,

That rose so high,

I could barely see the sky.

But then it happened,

I slipped and fell,

And the waves all covered my head.

I tried to cry out,

But the waves pulled me under,

I felt like a huge piece of lead.

But suddenly I felt a hand,

Tugging on my arm.

It pulled me out into sweet, fresh air.

Suddenly, I was free.

I looked around,

And saw the sky so blue,

And by my side,

Was a man I knew.

“My child,” He said, with tears in his eyes,

“Why did you ever lose faith?”

I sobbed, but through my tears,

He smiled with sympathy, and said,

“Child, it’s alright; your sins have been forgiven,”

I smiled back at him and took his hand,

And he led me across the waters.