We—as teens—pretty much have to face it. As Christians, what we believe and do is going to go against the crowd. If you already are a Christian, you have probably noticed this at school, at parties; almost anywhere you find a crowd. After you became a Christian, you probably noticed things that didn’t mean anything before, but they sure meant something now.

For a lot of teens, going against the crowd is pretty hard. Some of you just want to fit in, and some want to be a leader. You can’t be either of these if you’re not going with the crowd. Of course, you could ignore what people do and say and still be a Christian, but as a true follower of God, things are bound to bother you.

Going against the crowd is one of the trials some people will have to face. For a few, it won’t be a problem; they never followed the crowd anyway. It could get harder, though. A friend might suddenly seem like someone you don’t want to hang out with. These things can hurt; it’s one of those times you need strength. As you walk through crowded halls and hear people saying things you’d rather not hear, God is there to help you walk past.

So when you think you’ve had enough and you can’t go on anymore, remember that God is always there. When you know you can’t follow the crowd anymore, he’s there to cheer you on. Don’t give up; God’s there for you.